Ricoh MP2554ZSP


    25ppm Digital MFD
    A4 / A3
    100 sheet ARDF
    100 sheet by-pass
    2 x 550 sheet paper tray
    VM Card
    Smart Operation Panel



    The MP 2554ZSP is a Black and White machine which can also scan in colour at up to 80 original sheets a minute, making it ideal for electronic archiving. With a 320Gb HDD the powerful MP 2554ZSP can be used as a document server for workgroups, for improved efficiency. The 10.1 inch home screen can store icons to access frequently used tasks with one single touch.

    Copy costs are £0.0027 per page.

    Optional Extras include:

    Fax Option at £3.62 / month
    2 x 550 sheet paper tray at £3.24 / month
    Cabinet at £0.45 / month
    Internal Shift Sort at £0.87 / month
    SR3180 internal finisher with staple-less stapler £2.37 / month

    Other optional extras available on request.