CANDA Copying is proud to offer Ricoh’s @Remote service to our existing customers free of charge.

With @Remote you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Accurate meter readings taken automatically from your multifunctional printer (MFP) without your intervention. You will still be able to manually check your meter readings yourself if you wish.
  2. Your MFP will notify CANDA when you need more supplies of toner, staples and other consumables and these can be automatically dispatched to you before you run out.
  3. Using @remote, CANDA will be able to update your machine firmware and check your parts wear without the need for a physical engineer visit, reducing machine downtime.
  4. @remote includes detailed reporting systems that allow you to monitor your own usage and provide environmental data.

Please contact CANDA if you would like more information on @remote and ask for Steve Edwards or Adam Healy on 01244 520626, or simply click here to send us an email.

To download the @Remote brochure click here.